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The Finest Re- Usable 100% Imported Indian Hair!

Free 2-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping 1-800-337-4615

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Thanks again in advance for visiting the site Joya Style ... we have the finest 100% Imported Indian Hair Extensions at a really good price. Other names for this IMPORTED HUMAN HAIR include Remy, Cuticle, and Virgin Hair. Some people also refer to this hair as Brazilian Human Hair. The Imported Hair is available in standard Machine Weft AND Hand Tied (smaller track/ weft). We offer FREE 2-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping Standard Priority U.S Postal Service with every order after confimation of payment. Please send us an email if you have any questions; or request a free sample.


This Imported Hair is the hair that is not mixed with any synthetic fibers and will allow you to REUSE the hair for a second or third time. The hair was actually GROWN by a native in INDIA, the hair was placed in a pony-tail, then cut, CLEANSED, and then placed on a weft or not placed on a weft which is then used for individual braids. THE HAIR IS THE ULTIMATE 100% HUMAN HAIR- IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS, TOP OF THE LINE HAIR......The hair is very soft, and looks natural! This is also the hair that gets wavy when wet, although you are wearing the straight hair. You can add water or leave in conditioner to it and gets a nice natural wavy texture!

Relax your mind with that good hair and say "HELLO TO A GOOD BUY"! Great Customer Sevice! Official PayPal Seal

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